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jerk of all trades

never under estimate

tasha parker
20 May 1986
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im tasha parker.
i do ridiculously good looking hair...
hair stylist makeup artsist.


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4 skins, 666, a global threat, adicts, agnostic front, angelic upstarts, anti heros, art, atom and his package, aus rotten, bats, battle royal, bauhaus, beastie boys, beer, bento, berserk, bettie page, big hair, big watches, bikini kill, bonfires, carcass, cars, catcher in the rye, cattle decapitation, che cafe, choking victim, classic cars, clockwork orange, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, conflict, converge, crass, crocheting, d.i.y., danzig, dead kennedys, deadbolt, demented are go, demoniac, detroit rock city, dillinger escape plan, discharge, diy, drats, dresden dolls, drinking, dystopia, el cajon, exploited, eye shadow, fetus eaters, filth, fishnets, forgotten rebels, frank kozik, gbh, gee vaucher, gg allin, gummo, guns, hair, halloween, hasil adkins, hillcrest, horror movies, hunter s. thompson, jack off jill, judas priest, kid robot, king diamond, knives, leftover crack, leopard print, les claypool, lime green, macabre, mad sin, makeup, manos, marilyn monroe, meantraitors, mercyful fate, mexican food, midnight creeps, misfits, motorhead, mr. bungle, muscle cars, narcoleptic youth, nekromantix, nirvana, nudity, old cars, operation ivy, painting, paul♥, penis envy, photography, pirates, pmg, polkadots, porn, primus, psychobilly, punk, puppies, radiohead, reverend horton heat, rockabilly, rudimentary peni, sailor jerry, salvador dali, san diego, sex, sham 69, shark teeth, shows, smashing pumpkins, smorking labbits, subhumans, sylvia plath, tattoos, the adicts, the bell jar, the cramps, the cure, the damned, the distillers, the locust, the meteors, the vibrators, toil, tom petty, toxic narcotic, toy dolls, troma, troma films, tromaville, tsol, twilight zone, venom, x-ray spex, your mom, zombies